Bucket Truck Service

Unable to reach something with a ladder?

We offer a wide array of bucket truck services from Electrical Sign Installation & Maintenance to Parking Lot & Building Light Installation & Maintenance to changing and/or handing new banners.

We have even known to go to all heights to rescue wildlife.

Electrical Sign Installation & Maintenance 

Does your outdoor sign burn out frequently?

We offer fully customizable exterior maintenance agreements that ease the burden you may be feeling to always be checking your electrical sign.

Can people clearly see your sign?

Let us install and maintain a lighted exterior sign that shows off your brand and is eye catching.

Outdoor Lighting Installation & Maintenance 

Are you interested in adding outdoor lighting to your facility or upgrading your lighting to more energy efficient lighting?

Our team of highly trained professional electricians have performed hundreds of lighting upgrades and installations over the years.

Do you have exterior pole lights or building lights that are out?

Give us a call and we can send a technician in our fully stocked bucket truck to get your lighting fixed.

We also offer fully customizable exterior maintenance agreements that ease the burden you may be feeling to always be checking your exterior pole lights and building lights.


Do you have banners on pole lights that you need changed or are you interested in installing banners on your pole lights?

Give us a call to schedule our bucket truck service.

The Lapp Difference

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  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

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