Meter Base Replacement

One common misconception that individuals have in regard to their meter base is who is responsible for what.

There are several types of meter bases. The most common type of meter base on a single-family home is what is considered a single-gang meter base. This means that only one rate payer is receiving a bill for the property.

There are also two-gang meter bases, three-gang meter bases and meter stacks but these are more common in commercial and industrial settings.

Many people believe the Utility Company supplies the meter base. This is not true.

The utility company provides the glass that goes into the mater base, but the property owner is responsible for the meter base enclosure.

It is important to note that your Utility Company may threaten to shut off your power if the meter base is pulling away from your home or is corroded and rusting away.

You want to pay attention to the condition of your meter base because it is always easier and cheaper to have a meter base replaced on a scheduled bases verses in an emergency situation.

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