Thermal Imaging Services

If your business can not afford unexpected breakdowns due to electrical equipment failure, then consider the advantages of thermal imaging used for predictive maintenance.

What is Thermal Imagining?

Thermal Imaging essentially translates heat (or thermal energy) into a visible picture that can be analyzed.

Living things, such as humans and animals, and mechanical and electrical equipment put off heat, but heat is not something that can be seen.

Thermal Imagining cameras allow you to “see” the heat that something is putting off.

We can measure the operating temperature of the electrical connections and components at your facility using infrared thermal imaging to help you avoid unexpected breakdowns due to electrical equipment failure.

Infrared Thermography

Abnormal temperatures and infrared emissions provide the means for non-invasive detection of electrical component failures.

Early detection allows for repairs, often before the problem is visibly apparent, and usually at a significant savings over unexpected, emergency repairs.

Thermal Imaging Survey

Regularly scheduled thermographic surveys include an inventory of all equipment tested and a separate listing for each trouble area found.

Each subsequent survey allows for a comparison of the condition of the electrical component and confirmation of previous repairs.

Areas that include abnormal temperatures will be recorded to include both thermal and visible light images, temperatures comparisons to similar components, present current draw as well as current capacity, time of day and location, and the criticality of the load.

Why you should consider Thermal Imaging?

A large percentage of problem areas that are found are caused by loose connections. In many cases repairs can be made immediately, saving you the labor of re-accessing the equipment, the cost of further degrading of the faulty connection and the expense of non-productive downtime.

Historically, the cost of performing infrared thermographic surveys in a facility, is easily offset by the savings realized from scheduled repairs versus unexpected emergencies.

Thermal Imaging is typically performed on electrical components under normal load, in an energized state. This non-invasive, non-contact method of predictive maintenance offers an un-paralleled means to anticipate and avoid costly electrical breakdowns.

Want to Learn More?

We would be pleased to provide you with an estimate for a thermal imaging survey of you facility and would like to share with you the additional, non-electrical capabilities of thermal imaging.

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