3 Advantages of Numbering Your Parking Lot Light Poles

Do you own or manage a commercial property that has exterior light poles?

Have you ever had an employee or customer come to you and try and explain which parking lot pole light is out? They say it is the one on the right side of the building.

You ask yourself…Is that the right side of the building when you are facing the building or when you are standing at the front entrance looking into the parking lot?

Now you need to get your preferred electrical contractor out to fix the light and you need describe to them which pole light is out in order to make sure they fix the right. Otherwise, you need to plan on being at the location when they come to fix it.

There must be an easier way.

There is…and that it involves numbering the pole lights.

For a small investment, you can have your parking lot light poles numbered and then create a map of the parking lot that shows the pole numbers.

Three Advantages of Numbering Your Parking Lot Light Poles…

  1. You can easily describe to someone what pole light is not working

When you number your parking lot light poles, the guessing game goes away when it comes to figuring out which pole light is not working. Everyone is one the same page and you do not have to worry about a pole light getting fixed that was never out in the first place.

  1. You don’t have to be available when the Electrician comes to fix the pole light

We are all busy and if you can save yourself some time by not having to meet the electrician to show them what pole light is out, that is a huge plus.

  1. You will receive invoices that list the pole numbers for the lights that were fixed

Do you ever feel like you are changing the lamps and/or ballasts in the same pole lights, but you can not confirm it because you aren’t sure by the invoices that you were sent which pole light was fixed?

By numbering your pole lights, that takes away all the guessing. If your pole lights are numbered, your preferred electrical contractor should be including on their invoice the pole light numbers that were fixed so that you have it for your records (and they have it in their records as well).

We have numerous customers around Lancaster County who we have helped out by numbering their parking lot light poles and we would welcome the opportunity to help you out as well.

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