Community Difference Award Winner – Dave Costarella

Published 3/8/2024

We are please to introduce you to Dave Costarella, the first 2024 Community Difference Award Winner.

In 2016, Dave Costarella started an outreach service called My People on the Streets Project, handing out food, clothing, blankets and toiletries to those affected by homelessness.

In April 2023, Costarella started the My People Clean Up Program and recently partnered with the Lancaster County Food Hub. The project, now called Hand up Partners, gives those affected by homelessness a $20 daily stipend to clean up designated parks, community areas and neighborhoods.

This project is currently cleaning up the following parks and areas in Lancaster…

  • Linear Park
  • Branden Park
  • Binn’s Park
  • Musser Park,
  • Reservoir Park
  • Culliton Park
  • Three Blocks of Water Street
  • Area around The Food Hub

Costarella says “there are so many more of our homeless friends that would love to have this opportunity to be productive in our community and so many areas that would benefit from their efforts.”

Thank you Dave for everything that you are doing!

If Dave’s story and programs inspire you to help or donate, check out his website to learn more.

Dave’s passion to make a difference is an inspiration to us all.