Employee Discount Program

Published Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Are you a business owner or HR manager looking for ways to help your employees and give back?

Look no further than Lapp Electric’s Employee Discount Program.

This unique program offers 11% off work performed at the home of employees of a given organization (up to $2,000 in saving each year). Additionally, for every $1 employees spend, Lapp Electric will donate 1% to one of the following four organization on a yearly basis on your behalf: Hospice & Community Care, Mission22, Schreiber Pediatric or Bible2School.

This program is FREE to join and the only requirement is…

  • Select which organization Lapp Electric will contribute to on your company’s behalf
  • Distribute information about the program to your employees. We provide the materials and they can be in print or electronic.

Below is a list of some commonly asked questions…

Does my company have to use Lapp Electric for their electrical needs?

No, this program is open to all organizations regardless of who you use for your electrical needs at your place of business. While we would welcome the opportunity to work with you at your place of business, we recognize that you have relationships established with other electrical contractors and we respect that.

When does Lapp Electric make the 1% contribution on my company’s behalf?

The donation is made on a yearly basis in the anniversary month when you first signed up for the Employee Discount Program.

Can my employees pick which one of the four above organization their give back goes to?

No, as a company you will pick one of the above organizations and Lapp Electric will give back 1% based on everything your employees spend during the year.

You can change the organization each year and every few years, Lapp Electric changes the organization that we support.

If my company uses Lapp Electric, do the dollars that we spend go towards the 1% give back and do we as a company receive the 11% discount?

No, the 1% give back and 11% discount is only for work performed at the home of your employees.

How do my employees communicate that they are employed by a participating company?

Each company is given a unique code that is placed on flyers to be given to employees. This code will need to be mentioned when calling in for service or an estimate. The code must be mentioned prior to the start of any work.

Sounds good…How do we get started?

Fill out the form below and someone from our office will be in contact with you to answer any further questions and get you signed up.

Employee Discount Program

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