Why? (Part 1…Why We Love Central PA!)

If you have children or have ever spent a significant amount of time around young children, you realize that they ask Why a lot. As their young brains are developing, they want to understand why you are doing what you are doing and often times, “just because” is not a good enough answer. It can often make you stop and think about the reasoning behind what you are doing.

However, as adults we sometimes go through the motions and fail to ask Why we do what we do.

Each week over the next few weeks, in order to help you see into the heart of Lapp Electric and what we are about, we are going to answer some of these Why questions. Such as, Why do we answer the phones the way we do? Why is our motto Lapp to the Rescue? Why do we take pride in having clean vehicles? And many others.

Why We Love Central PA!

We Love You Central PA and are so happy to be serving you for 50 years and counting.

Why do we love serving the Central PA community? Because our roots run deep in Lancaster and the surrounding counties.

Many of our employees were born and raised in Central PA and making sure your electrical needs are handled in a professional manner is just one small way we can give back.

Join us next week as we look at Why we offer 24-hour emergency service.