Why? (Part 2…Why We offer 24-hour Emergency Service?)

Last week we started a new series entitled Why?

In order to help you see into the heart of Lapp Electric, what we are all about and why we do the things that we do, we are answering some Why questions. Last week we answered the questions, Why We Love Central PA! 

This week we are answering the question…

Why do we offer 24-hour emergency service?

We recognize that emergencies do not always happen between normal business hours of 7am – 4:30pm and having electricity for your home or business is essential. For this reason and to best serve our customers and community, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

We have technicians who are available nights and weekends to respond to your electrical needs.

This value on service and responding to emergencies no matter the time was something instilled by founder Manny Lapp.

In the early years if you needed emergency service at night, you would be contacting Manny at home and not only waking him up but also his wife and three young sons.

But Manny recognized the importance and need to respond quickly at all hours in order to serve his customers and community.

That is why even today… if it is an emergency to YOU it is an emergency to US!

In 2016, MAKE / FILMS put togther this History of Lapp Electric video. While it has been 4 years since this video was created, the values and truths described by our Leadership Team in the video are still true today.