Christmas Lighting Decoration Tips (Part 2 of 3)

Have you been looking for proof that decorating early for Christmas is good for your health? If so, here it is…Researchers recently concluded that those that decorate early are on average happier individuals.  

According to Dr. Laura Saunders a Psychologist at Institute of Living, “I think what you observe in those individuals is a little greater sense of optimism.”

Now that you have proof that you will be happier because of your decorating, it is time to get out and decorate, but before you do, consider these Christmas Lighting Decorating Tips.

Last week we looked at what type of lights to use outdoors as well as the type of extension cords to use.

Now that you have the right lights and extension cords, it is time to hang your lights or plug in your decorations.

How many strands of Christmas Lights can I plug Together?

One question that comes up a lot is how many strands of Christmas lights can I plug together? This is a great question and it is best if you look at the box that the Christmas lights came in or the tag to see the manufacturers recommendation.

We strongly suggest that at each connection you put something around to prevent moisture from getting in. Some suggestions are electrical tape or plastic of some type to seal the connection.

Extension Cords

When using extension cords for your outdoor lighting display, make sure to keep the extension cords off the ground.

If it is going to be difficult to keep the extension cord off the ground, make sure to at least keep the plugs off the ground and sealed so that moisture can not get in.

There are devices such as the Westinghouse EZ Extension Cord Protection Box that you can use to keep your plugs out of the elements or if you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your plugs you can use electrical tape, wrap plastic around the plugs or do something similar to the picture on the right using a plastic reusable container.


Another important item is to make sure that the outlet you are plugging the lights or extension cord into is not exposed to moisture.

If your outdoor outlet does not contain a bubble cover, we encourage you to invest in one. You want to make sure that the bubble cover you install allows you to have something plug in but is still able to close securely.

Now that you know that decorating early for Christmas makes you happier and you have some tips for decorating, go out and start decorating this week. Be sure to check back next week as we look at what to do once your lights are all up and have stopped working.