Lapp Electric Turns 50 – Week 36 (Accessible, Friendly’s & Company Picnics)

It is hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since, we celebrated our 50th year with a celebration at East Lampeter Township Park on Saturday, September 7th.

We were thrilled to have so many of our team members and their family along with vendors, friends, family and customers join us for the day.

Want to know what the day was like? Check out this video for a summary of the day!


Of course, the day had to include Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream, in honor of our founder, Manny Lapp, who loved Lapp Valley Farm Ice Cream.

While there is no direct relation to the Lapp Valley Farm family that we know of, it did get us thinking about the Lapp name.

There are numerous businesses in Lancaster County besides Lapp Electric and Lapp Valley Farms whose name includes the name Lapp. Many of these businesses were founded by Amish or individuals with Amish heritage.

Lapp is a name of German descent and according to, means “cloth’, ‘patch’, ‘rag’; a metonymic occupational name for a mender of clothes or shoes, or a nickname for a simple-minded person.” 

While Lapp Electric is not a mender of clothes or shoes, you could say we are menders in our own sense…menders of electric.

L.A.P.P.E.R. Inspiration

A = Accessible

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

Work Site

Over the years we have wired numerous restaurants in Lancaster County and surrounding areas from McDonald’s to DJ’s Taste of the 50s to this Friendly’s restaurant that we wired back in the 1970s.

52 Memories of 50 Years

We enjoy getting our team and their family together every summer for our annual Company Picnic.

Over the years we have held our Company Picnic at various locations and parks. Some places include East Lampeter Park, Amusement Parks such as Dorney Park and Six Flags, Roundtop Mountain Adventures, Spooky Nook Sports and Clipper Magazine Stadium.

Some of our early picnics even took place at Manny and Flossie’s house.


We Want to Hear from You

Do you have a favorite memory of Lapp Electric? Whether you are a customer, current or former Lapp Electric Team Member, Vendor, Community member or friend of the Lapp family, we would love to hear what your favorite memory of Lapp Electric has been.

Do you have pictures of Lapp Electric, whether it is of our vans, employees or job sites, that you would be willing to share? Pictures can be emailed to or stop by our office with your pictures so we can scan them.

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